A Glacier birthday for mom

For my mom’s birthday she wanted to go to Glacier National Park. I was happy to comply.

After seven hours on the road we started the international segment of the trip.

Our first view into Waterton National Park–the Canadian portion of Glacier-Waterton International Peace Park.

Waterton Lake and the view from the Prince of Whales hotel. This was also the view for our room and our shower. Best view from a shower I’ve ever had.

Waterton townsite.

Another view from the hotel.

The Prince of Wales hotel. Fancy, no?

It’s a peace park!

Queen of Pretzels at the Prince of Wales.

Hotel lobby.

The next morning we awoke to lovely light on the lake. I went for a hike while mom enjoyed the hotel and a walk into town.

Heading up the trail to Bertha Lake.

Which way do I go?

Big Brother is watching. Or the Park Service.

The trail.

Bertha Creek.

Me and Lower Bertha Falls.

Upper Bertha Falls.

Bertha Lake.

Bertha Lake after hiking down to it.

The beach at Bertha Lake.

Mom at high tea at the Prince of Wales.

mmmm delicious.

2 thoughts on “A Glacier birthday for mom

  1. Kristin Blomquist

    Loved the pics! I must say I am absolutely jealous I can’t go on those hikes myself. I can’t wait until Colorado!!!!!

  2. Mel Post author

    We are pretty lucky to live close to two awesome parks. Can’t wait to check out Rocky Mountain NP–I’ve never been there.

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