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A New 9th Street Bridge Over the Yellowstone River

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A few days ago I posted about the imminent collapse of the 9th Street Bridge in Livingston, Montana. Well, no collapse, yet. One of the pilings is slowly sinking into the river, but that’s hardly exciting to watch. Nonetheless it is still the talk of the town. At a 2 year-old birthday party we went to on Sunday, everyone was talking about it. At the coffee shop, at the store, everyone is talking about it…and kind of hoping to witness a dramatic flailing of the bridge into the water.

After picking up Anders from daycare today, he and I walked down to the river to check the progress. The Bailey bridge is almost completed, the river was at 9.4 feet yesterday and 9.3 feet the day before, and people are still hanging out waiting for the collapse. Then we can all sing, “Where’s the bridge? Has anybody seen the bridge?”

Bridge repair

The scene from Waterworks Hill. You can’t really get very close to the bridge as it is all cordoned off.
Close up of bridge repair

Bailey Bridge

From the designated viewing spot, people watch the Bailey Bridge being assembled.

Search and Rescue Boat

A Search and Rescue boat hangs out between the first two pilings just in case a bridge builder falls in the water. Another person watches up stream and alerts the boat of large debris coming its way. A couple other women and I surmised that the boys just like to bring out all their equipment.
More equipment

Island For Sale

Property for sale on the island. My guess is that this place won’t be selling quickly, even when people can get over there to look at it.

Sacajawea Park floods

With the river so high, the ground water is also quite high and flooding parts of Sacajawea Park.

Sacajawea Park floods some more

Since the City pool is closed indefinitely due to a leak and the river is above flood stage, this may be the only safe swimming around.

Anders in the stroller

Anders reacts to all the high water excitement.

Looking upstream at the Bailey bridge.

Looking upstream at the Bailey bridge.

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