A polar bear named Bjorn

If you don’t already know, H is in Churchill filming polar bears right now. He’ll be up there for two more weeks working for an organization called Polar Bears International. Once he gets some of his stuff posted I’ll link to it here.

But, until then, here is another video produced for PBI. It’s science, folksy music and environmental issues all wrapped up in cuddly polar bear fur. Right up my ally. I even tear up when they talk about the ice pack retreating. It’s unbelievably sad that we will probably lose all this in my lifetime.

I posted about PBI and how you can help slow climate change (the polar bears’ biggest enemy) at my other blog. And I posted the video here. (I’m just plugging my other blog, you can watch the video below.)

On that note, here’s the video (It’s more upbeat then I let on. Anders likes it.)


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