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family hike in the Scottish Highlands

Meet Our Family: Anders (11), Melynda, Finn (9), & Henry

What happens when a professional writer and naturalist marries a documentary-style filmmaker? They pursue their passions of playing outdoors and traveling, while documenting it as they go.

After leading an outdoor adventure life raising two energetic and intuitive boys in Yellowstone’s backyard (Livingston, Montana), we sold our house in Montana and most of our stuff and set out for a year of full-time family travel.

Just because we were travelling from Fall 2016 to Fall 2017, doesn’t mean we were on vacation. Our writing, photography, and filmmaking jobs inspired our travels — and our travels inspired our work. You’ll find a video library of travel experiences on our popular YouTube Channel where families go for family travel and outdoor adventure ideas.

In addition to our freelance work, we put extra care and intention into our jobs as parents and teachers during our “Worldschooling Year.” We immersed ourselves in month-long forays into the culture and customs of:

We are a regular family trying to live an extraordinary life. That’s a big task, but we are up to the challenge. Our family loves getting outside, traveling, and having adventures. And we love sharing them with you to inspire and help plan your own adventures.

Now we are back in Montana trying to figure out how to have both a home and community in Livingston and a life of travel. So far, it is going pretty well. In fact, we just returned from a month in:

We love travel and plan on continuing our travel lifestyle, but home is where the heart is and our hearts are in Montana and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. I write extensively about:

Written & Visual Stories from the Writer

Film from the Photographer & Filmmaker


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