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The winter holidays have arrived at our house. The tree was chopped down, set up, and decorated. Lights are strung and stockings hung. And most importantly, the Advent Santa is sitting on the mantel with a new activity for each day.

Each year, I come up with 24 activities and dole them out one day at a time. For all the details, you can check out last year’s post. A lot of the activities stay the same from year to year, but I throw a few new ones in there to keep things fresh.

Here’s the plan for this year. Of course, this is all subject to change at my will.

1. Bring the winter and holiday books up from the scary room in the basement. And read a few!
2. Attend the Livingston Holiday stroll; see Santa and Frosty the Snowman.
3. Anders sees Annie with mom while Finn and dad soak at Chico.
4. Learn a new Christmas carol.
5. Make coffee filter snowflakes
6. Read three winter books
7. Attend a winter musical concert
8. Winter scavenger hunt
9. Watch the Polar Express movie
10. Ride the Polar Express
11. Swim in the geographic center of Montana
12. Do some snow science
13. Make cookies
14. Make ice ornaments
15. Watch a winter movie (they have all sorts of choices on Hulu for TV-less families like our own.)
16. Stargaze
17. Take homemade dog and cat treats to the animal shelter
18. Attend the Nutcracker ballet
19. Make citrus pomanders
20. Tomten hunt
21. Solstice! Hanukah! Solstice/Hanukah party. Light a Yule candle and the Menorah.
22. Backyard campfire (with s’mores, of course, using chocolate mints for winter spirit)
23. Walk around the neighborhood and look at lights
24. Christmas Eve! Alpine skiing
25. Christmas! Swedish pancakes for breakfast, presents and ski

If you do Advent Activities or Adventures or something similar, leave a link in the comments (I might need to steal a few of your ideas if mine don’t work out.)

One thought on “Advent activities

  1. debi

    Great list! I think we’re going to try making ice ornaments this year & see how long it takes them to melt. I’m sure the birds will appreciate a full bird bath!

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