April Anders Update and Diesel Gets Embarassed

April 21, 2008

This morning we woke to temperatures in the high teens and snow still on the ground from a couple days ago. I know this is a “normal” winter and we are all going to be dancing around gleefully this summer when the state doesn’t catch on fire, but I am over it. I’m ready to stop bundling everyone up to go out the door. I’m tired of playing in the house all day. I can assure you that sweet Anders is over it, too. Nobody gets crankier after a couple hours indoors than him. Except for me when I see our heating bill.

A few days ago I pulled out some containers and rice and let Anders go for it. It’s messy, but not beyond my level of being able to handle it. I got the idea from the Children’s Museum of Bozeman. Anders and I stop by there a couple times a month when we are in Bozeman to get out of the car and blow off some energy. They have a big water play table that they have filled with rice and some containers. Anders can play in it for a least an hour (after that I get bored and have to move on…).

Our version is nowhere near as cool at the Children’s Museum’s, but Anders loved it all the same.

Rice Play

Rice play on the kitchen floor
Rice Play again

“Wow, this stuff is fascinating!”

You’ll notice the long hair in the rice photos. While Henry was in Idaho for several days I decided it was time for a trim. The back grows faster than the sides and it was starting to look a little like a mullet. Plus his bangs were whipping into his eyes in the fierce Livingston winds. Next time we’ll get a professional to cut it.

Haircut escape

I tried to get a photo of the new haircut, but that kid can really move. So, the pictures are fuzzy or partial shots. I’ll get a good one for the next post.

Don’t worry, he’s still worthy of his nickname, “El Pelo Loco”.

Anders has a three word vocabulary now:
Mama, mamamama or mamamamamama = Mama
Bye-Bye (always accompanied by a wave) = Goodbye, or See you later
Ba = ball (but only one specific ball)

Not that I’m totally bored, but when there is really nothing to do it is time to harass the dogs.

Rigby wonders

Rigby wonders what the heck is around Diesel’s neck.
Diesel's Necklace

The downside of being the dog who puts up with anything is being the dog that has to put up with everything.

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