Avast ye scurvy dogs; prepare to be boarded! We found a pirate’s treasure along the banks of the Yellowstone River. A strange place for booty of that nature, but there it was….

Playing in the sand pre-treasure hunt.

Ye moms and dads parlay.

The treasure map, me hearties!

On the trail of treasure.

The very polite pirates wait for the little ones to catch up before ravaging the treasure.


The pirate’s chest!

Back it up before you get stabbed.

You know it’s windy when tumbleweeds float down the river.

Picnicking in a sand storm…talk about hearty.

Who knew pirates could be so cute?

Getting sandy.


Thanks to Todd and Logan for setting this all up!

2 thoughts on “Arrrrg!

  1. Debi

    This looks so fun! My hubby is putting together an outdoor secret spy mission for the Big Explorer’s birthday on Saturday. Hope we have as much fun as you guys did (minus the sandstorm, of course).

  2. Camper Glamis

    Sure looks fun! The kids looked like they’re having a great time. I’ll be setting up a pirate adventure too with my young ones on December. The swords are a great touch.. 🙂

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