Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary: Red Lodge, Montana

The Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary (formerly Beartooth Nature Center) takes animals that cannot be released into the wild and gives them a home below the Beartooth Mountains on the outskirts of Red Lodge.

Most of the animals come from Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks. Some were confiscated when people illegally kept them as pets; others were found when their mothers were shot or otherwise orphaned. Some were just donated from private ranches when they no longer wanted them or couldnÂ’t keep them.

The nature center is good for the animals and a nice educational experience. The animals are interesting to watch and the gardens are beautifully abloom with native flowers.

Beartooth Nature Center Flower Garden

Wildlife Sanctuary flower garden

Garfield the bobcat is one of the most popular attractions. While it is legal to keep a bobcat as a pet in Montana, most people discover that they aren’t really the best animals to have in the house.

Garfield the bobcat

Garfield the bobcat

Helen is a beautiful mountain lion that is the first YWS animal to be raised from infancy. She was born in 1994 and left by her mother because of a respiratory infection.

Helen the mountain lion

Helen the mountain lion

If you have any extra cash around, this is a great organization to donate to–or check their wish list.

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Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary: Red Lodge, Montana

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