teen reading books about Glacier National Park for kids, tweens, and teens

Best Books About Glacier National Park for Kids, Tweens, and Teens

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There are many great National Park books for kids. Even though Glacier saw record numbers of visitors over the past few years, there still aren’t as many Glacier books for and kid, tween, or teen audience. I would love to see more books set in Glacier National Park for kids, in addition to the Glacier guidebooks and non-fiction books aimed at kids. 

You can see my list and reviews of Yellowstone books for kids, tweens, and teens on my other site. I covered my favorite guide books on Yellowstone National Park in this post. I also wrote about activities, puzzles, and videos to get kids excited and prepared for a trip to Yellowstone.

St Mary Lake with mountains in the back and a little island

I’ve read a lot of Glacier travel books – both books about Glacier Park and books set in Glacier. When my kids were little, we had a whole range of Glacier picture books and Glacier nature guides. I think I liked them as much as the kids liked them.

If you are planning a trip to Glacier National Park, don’t miss this comprehensive Glacier planning guide.

Best Glacier Guide Book For Kids

(and Other Non-Fiction Glacier Books)

Reading books about glacier National Park

What I Saw in Glacier: A Kid’s Guide to the National Park by Ellen Horowitz

book cover for What I saw in Glacier A Kids Guide to National Park

What I Saw in Glacier: A Kid’s Guide to the National Park is a great intro to what kids will see in the park and where they are most likely to see it. It will familiarize them with some of the vocabulary they are likely to encounter as well as the animals and features they are likely to encounter. Then, take the book with you so they can check off the animals and geologic features they see while they are there. Lots of interesting tidbits will satisfy the fact-lover in your family. I recommend getting one for each child as they can take notes and personalize the book.

Best for: grades 3-7

Who Pooped in the Park? by Gary D. Robson

Who Pooped in the Park Glacier book cover

Maybe our all-time favorite Glacier National Park guidebook is Who Pooped in the Park? . It’s a silly look at serious business. You won’t always see all of Glacier’s wildlife, but if you keep your eyes peeled on the trails you might find signs of these critters in the way of prints and scat. This book will help you identify whose footprints and poop you are seeing. 

Best for: grades preschool – 2

Glacier (A True Book: National Parks) by Joanne Mattern

National Parks Glacier A True Book

Elementary-aged kids get an overview of the flora, fauna, geology, and issues facing Glacier National Park in Glacier. I like the riddles, clues, and interactive activities this book includes. Your kids can read it before visiting Glacier to prep, but it really shines when used at the park.

Best for grades 3-5

Going to Glacier National Park by Alan Leftridge

Fun and fascinating facts from a Glacier Park Ranger and naturalist fill Going to Glacier National Park. In addition to all the great information about plants, animals, geology, native cultures, and park history, this book includes easy-to-follow maps – perfect for using as you drive through Glacier. 

Best for grades 4-9

Glacier National Park: an ABC Adventure by Jeremie Hollman and Kc Glastetter

Take a letter-by-letter journey through Glacier with Glacier National Park: An ABC Adventure. The photos in this book are lovely and will get anyone excited about visiting the park.

Best for grades preschool – 3

It Happened in Glacier National Park by by Vince Moravek

It Happened in Glacier National Park isn’t strictly a kids’ book about Glacier, but tweens and teens will appreciate the crazy, funny, interesting true events that took place in the National Park. All of the books in this series tell the behind-the-scenes stories of some of the characters and episodes from the different Nations Park’s storied pasts, including both famous tales, and famous names–and little-known heroes, heroines, and happenings.

Best for grades 8-12

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  • Fiction Books Set in Glacier

    Sometimes it’s fun to learn about places by books set in those places. I love getting the feeling of a place from stories that take place there. Unfortunately, I can only find a couple of books set in Glacier for kids. 

    If you know of more, let me know!

    The Hunted: A Mystery in Glacier National Park by Alane Ferguson and Gloria Skurzynski

    In this action-packed mystery, kids learn about the geology and ecology of Glacier National Park, especially related to grizzly bears. Camping in bear country, immigration, and working together as a family are also part of the storyline. I don’t really love the cover since it demonizes grizzly bears, but I think the story is good.

    If you like this story, you are in luck as there are a bunch of other books in this series set in various National Parks.

    Best for grades 3-7

    Glacier National Park: Going to the Sun (Adventures with the Parkers) by Mike Graf

    Glacier National Park Going to the Sun book

    In Glacier National Park: Going to the Sun, the Parker family visit Glacier National Park. While enjoying the epic views and learning about Glacier and the issues it faces, the family has to deal with a wildfire that may thwart their vacation plans. Adventure and education combine in a fun, interesting read. 

    Best for grades 3-7

    When it’s time to plan your trip to Glacier National Park, don’t miss my comprehensive Glacier planning guide.

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    1. From the “I Survived” historical fiction book series, there is a book called “I Survived the Attack of the Grizzlies”, which is set in Glacier Natl Park. My sons third grade teacher happened to hand him that book a few weeks after we got back from Glacier, and he loved it!

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