Book Review of Home Ground, Edited by Barry Lopez and Debra Gwartney

Barry Lopez is a master of literary non-fiction, but even he occasionally has trouble finding the right words to describe the landscapes he so aptly writes about. Which is why he, along with managing editor, Debra Gwartney, has compiled a tome of evocative terms— and their definitions— that describe the American landscape. “ (Trinity University …

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Istanbul’s Basilica Cistern

Stepping down the wooden staircase a draft of cool air hits one’s face with a refreshing rush. Above ground, Istanbul may be hot and heavy or cold and rainy, but dropping into the Basilica Cistern is like entering the womb. It’s not too hot or too cold, the dim light calms and the swishing sound …

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Foward Relentless Motion

Some people really like to run. For them, three miles around the neighborhood isn’t enough. A 10K is a warm-up. Even a 26 mile and 385 yard marathon is too short. These people are ultra-runners, and for them 30, 50 or 100 miles is the perfect distance for a run. “Something happens when you go …

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Women Who Run With Dogs

The huskies and Belgium shepherds are barking wildly and yelping with their noses to the sky as three girls, ages 9-12, hustle them out to the sled line. The dogs are anxious to run, anxious feel the wind in their fur and the ground slip by beneath their feet. So are the girls. Jenny Greger …

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