snow tubing at Bogus Basin, Idaho

Bogus Basin, Idaho: skiing, tubing, coasting and more

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We’re driving up the steep, winding road between Boise and Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area. The hillside drops away on both sides of the road at one point, and before we know it, we are above the clouds. On our first trip to Bogus Basin, we are already enamored with the journey.

My family – me, husband, and 10- and 11-year-old boys—look back toward Boise, get a break in the clouds, and take in the city view. I think, “even if Bogus is a bust, the drive alone is worth the effort.”

snow tubing at Bogus Basin, Idaho

At the end of the winding road, 45 minutes from downtown Boise, we arrive at Bogus Basin. Of course, Bogus Basin is not a bust. It turns out to be a great day of downhill skiing and a whole lot more.

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