Butt-up and adorable

I’m not going to lie–having babies around the house was hard. Anders cried for over a year and never slept. Finn was also tough, until we stripped him of his tonsils and adenoids and put tubes in his ears.

We love our boys, but aren’t huge fans of babies.

But, when I walk into our bedroom and I see Finn butt-up on the bed, I kind of miss his baby-ness.

I’m glad he still does baby stuff from time to time.

One thought on “Butt-up and adorable

  1. Granola Girl

    The Barracuda used to alternate between the butt up in the air and all spread eagle like a baby sacrifice.

    It was awesome. I’m not much of a baby fan either, unless I can give them back to their rightful parent. Then I will gladly take them for 6 or 8 hour trial runs 🙂

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