California days 1 and 2: swimming, birthday and great/grandparent love

We just got back from 8 days in sunny southern California. We had a great trip seeing family, friends, swimming and playing. The boys were thrilled to be the center of their granparents’, greatgrandparents’ and uncle’s attention.

Since I’m tired and trying to enjoy my anniversary wine and chocolate, I’ll just leave you with the pictures from the first day and a half. More posts to follow.

Finn throwing rocks in the big ceramic pot by the pool. More fun than swimming.

H catching fish in the pool.


Grandma with her greatgrandson.

Grandpa with his greatgrandson.

Anders admires the birthday present he gave his greatgrandpa.

He admires it a little more.

Finn starts off the first birthday party for his first birthday sparkling clean.

Anders shows him how it’s done.

“Like this?”

Everyone likes a cupcake.

“Sugar makes me happy!!!!”

Of all the birthday loot, Finn loves the bag most.

Grandpa and his youngest grandson.

Greatgrandma gets to hold Finn.

Back in the pool. Three swims in a day and a half.

Kiss the baby, kiss the pool.

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