California: Leo Carillo Beach

We used to go to Leo Carillo beach a lot when I was growing up. After my high school prom, a bunch of us camped out in the campground across the highway from the beach (I think it was Leo, although it’s possible we camped at Sycamore.) Then, when I was a botany naturalist for the Conejo Valley Unified School District Outdoor School I’d walk down to Leo once a week to check out the tide pools with a slew of sixth graders, while hoping they didn’t get swept away in the ocean.

It was time to show the kids this beach that was so much a part of my growing up.

Walking to the beach with all the things a boy needs for fun in the sun.


A little rough for swimming, but perfect for chasing (and being chased by) waves.

A little tired from out whirlwind vacation.

Playing in the surf.

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