Castle Town and White Sulfur Springs

More 1 handed blogging…

The weekend before last we went up to White Sulfur Springs for a little family vacation. In the end there was a lot of crying and we ended up leaving early, but here are some pics from before things went bad.

First stop was breakfast in Clyde Park. Yummy. Greasy.

Outside the tavern.

We took a dirt road to a ghost town. The road was covered with snakes. It was impossible to totally avoid running over them. Poor little snakes.

A little bit about the ghost town.

We assumed this did not apply to us.

Hug break.

Throwing rocks.

Best seat in (Castle) town.

The current residents of Castle Town.

The Harrison men.

Watching cows.

Enjoying the hot spring-fed pool at the Spa Hotel in White Sulfur Springs.

Finn sits out the swimming during this round. He went in the pool the night before.

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