Chestnut Mountain Trail (not as fun as it sounds)

A few weekend past, the boys and I wanted to get out and hike. We decided to try a new trail on the west side of Bozeman Pass called the Chestnut Mountain Trail. I didn’t know a whole lot about it, but I knew where the trailhead was, which is basically all the knowledge I require before taking my little kids into the woods.

It was one of those hikes that began roughly and didn’t get much better. Rigby started the morning off by pooping in the back of the truck. He couldn’t wait four minutes while I got the kids dressed. Awesome.

There was a ton of poop on the ground at the trailhead (not from my dog, obviously). So, as I dealt with the situation in the back of the truck I kept yelling to the kids, “watch out for the dog poop!” and “don’t move!” and “aahhhh!” Then I’d see them trip and fall inched from feces. Stressful, yes, But, no one stepped in poop–that I am aware of.

Yay! We found the trail.

Oh, that’s the trail. Happy spring!

The trail was snow packed, but only the trail. Step half an inch off the trail and you were crotch deep in the snow. The trail wasn’t wide enough for two people, even if one was tiny, but Finn insisted on holding hands. We took turns post-holing. When he went under, I’d pull him out, then dig his stuck boot out.

All the while, Anders yelled encouraging words like, “hurry up!” and “go faster!” And the dogs ran up and down the trail getting in our way.

Did I mention the trail is near the highway as it climbs what I assume is Chestnut Mountain? I almost couldn’t hear Anders yelling at us.

(I imagine if you were walking at a normal pace, you’d get past the dog poop and the noise pretty quickly, but we were walking at Finn pace, so we spent most of our hike in poop and noise.)

After about a mile, Anders was over it. We had a snack and enjoyed the view. This was actually pretty nice. Then we headed back down.

It’s all worth it when we get a snack.

Hide your food, people!

I love lichen.

Water break. Anders drank so much water that he had to stop and pee 6 times during this short walk. Brrrr

Anders was a little under-dressed, tired and dangerously close to a meltdown. I was able to keep him moving and not crying until close to the bottom. Then Diesel pushed him face first into the snow. Awesome.

Trail Creek

On the drive home, Anders said, “this is one of my best hikes ever.” And I thought I had short term memory problems.

Warm, cozy and reading post-hike.

3 thoughts on “Chestnut Mountain Trail (not as fun as it sounds)

  1. Madeleine

    Your hike story makes me laugh – this is how many of our adverntures turns out and why we often say let’s try that in 5 years… And Anders’s comment was priceless – it’s funny how different perspectives can be.

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