One Day in Churchill with Kids

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Welcome to Churchill, Manitoba on the edge of the Hudson Bay. Henry and I have both been up here a handful of times –he more than me. The kids have been hearing about this tiny town, its polar bears and beluga whales, its river and tundra, since they were babies. Now, thanks to Polar Bears International, we are here as a family.

We flew in from Winnipeg early this morning and spent the day wandering around. I’ve been posting photos on Instagram  and here are a few more to give you an idea of what Churchill is all about.

Keep scrolling to see our video of ten things to do in Churchill in summer.

Churchill is just one of many fun places we like to visit in Canada, Banff with kids is high on the list, too.

The lichen-covered rocks are a welcome back.

We’ve been really drawn to the beach this summer. But this beach just might have polar bears.

One of the highlights of this trip so far, is seeing wildflowers.

Glassing for wildlife and spotting a monster!

After two days in the car and a flight, we couldn’t wait to run around on the rocks and jump over tide pools.

A congregation of snow geese.

The airplane wreck known as “Miss Piggy” turned out to be a great (if not especially safe) jungle gym.

Henry, Anders, and Finn watch a seal and lots of beluga whales.

Sunset over the Churchill River from Cape Merry.

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