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Invasive Invaders

On a rainy spring day in western Oregon, five volunteers, clad in raingear and heavy work gloves, slowly work their way up the southeast flank of Mount Pisgah, a tract of private land looming above the Willamette River. Led by Kyra Kelly of the nonprofit Friends of Buford Park and Mount Pisgah, the volunteers cut …

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Wetlands and Wetheads

Retired biologist Al Smith was walking his dog along the rail bed that runs behind Tantramar Regional High School in Sackville, New Brunswick in 1997 when it occurred to him that it would be a great place for a freshwater impoundment. He took this idea to Science Department Head Chris Porter, who quickly latched on …

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Al Giddings, International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame

Al Giddings Interview

Al Giddings was in his 40s when he almost had a total meltdown. And out of that near meltdown, came the rediscovery of mountains. Pushing off into Weber Lake in the Sierra Nevada of California in 1980—, where he hadn’’t been in twenty years, —Giddings threw a fly into the lake, toward a big sunset. …

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5 Great Things to Do in Spring

Spring Skiing Festivals The days are longer, the sun warmer, buds are unfurling and insects are hatching, but it’s not time to store those skis, yet. Around the state, spring skiing festivals are in full swing, ushering in the change of seasons. The common denominator in spring skiing seems to be craziness. Skiers and winter …

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Canine Connection

I clipped the tether into my dog’s harness and then onto my own waist belt, pointed my skis down the snow-packed road and yelled, with gusto, “Mush!” A Malamute, this dog was bred for pulling freight through the snow. I’m freight, we’re in the snow, what’s the problem? Why is he looking back at me …

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Winter Wonderland

Many people would agree that Yellowstone is at its best in the winter. With a blanket of fluffy white snow draped over lodgepoles, ice appearing and disappearing in the creeks and otherworldly geysers shooting steam and water straight into the cold, blue sky—it’s a place totally different than the summer Yellowstone of tourists and bear …

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The Great Escape

Lone Mountain Ranch Nordic Center has 80 kilometers of groomed cross-country ski trails, and Hans Schernthaner has skied them all. In one outing. “I thought it would be a real challenge to ski them all in one day,” Schernthaner recalls. He scoured the trail map and chose a route that would require the least backtracking, …

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Suspicious Travelers

A statement from the 1907 U.S. Army’s Rules, Regulations and Instructions for soldiers and scouts on duty in Yellowstone warns, “All persons traveling through the park from October 1 to June 1 should be regarded with suspicion.” Who besides poachers would brave bitterly cold weather; hidden, yet scalding hot springs; isolation and desolation; almost impossible …

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