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Meal planning made easy

It’s Wednesday at 5 p.m. Just home from work, you open the refrigerator and stare. You check the freezer, then the cupboards. When your kids start asking, “What’s for dinner?” you still don’t have an answer. Everyone’s been there — last-minute, unplanned meal preparations. And it usually ends with something cobbled together. It doesn’t have …

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Rolling Home

Nancy Vogel unfolded her map. Smoothing out the creases, wrestling with the folds, putting Mexico behind her, and seeing the small Honduran town of Choluteca on the map for the first time. After almost a year, Nancy, along with husband John and twin 10-year-olds Davy and Daryl, were just a few hundred miles-one length of …

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MSU students get NASA experience sending experiments to the edge of space

Two groups of students, staff and faculty from Montana State University and the Montana Space Grant Consortium gathered on a plateau overlooking the Yellowstone River east of Livingston on Thursday morning. Some checked the rigging on what looked to be cardboard and Styrofoam boxes–their modest exteriors belying the high tech equipment inside. Other team members …

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The perils of plastic

My family and I were ordering at one of our favorite restaurants the other night. As always, I started the list with, “two kids drinks in regular glasses, no straws.” We ordered a couple of macaroni and cheeses, a salad and a burger, and then I repeated, “two kids drinks in regular glasses, no straws.” …

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Growing outdoorsy kids

At Livingston’s Sacajawea Park, three boys play with tractors in the sandbox. A couple of girls run across a bridge and slip down an undulating green slide. Other kids bounce on a tire swing across from little ones playing with wood chips. After a bit of free play, they gather with their parents outside the …

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Beer here

MSU helps brew a better beer. From Mountains and Minds (Fall 2009) Click on “Beer Here.” Drinking beer is a simple act, but making beer is not. It starts out with genetics and tens of thousands of barley varieties and ends with a clear ambrosia that belies the time, effort and technology that went into …

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More than belt buckles and saddles

MSU’s new horse program helps students vault to careers in the equine industry. From Mountains and Minds (spring 2010). Click on “More than belt buckles and saddles.” The Bridger Mountains rise up to the north, crystal clear on this cold winter morning. The bright sunlight reflected from the snowy pastures surrounding our train of horses …

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Harvesting the wind

From researching new technology to helping landowners understand development, MSU’s efforts help with a wide range of wind education. From Mountains and Minds (fall 2010)

Foundations for sucess

New and renovated facilities help Montana State University build student success. from Mountains and Minds (fall 2010) Sidebars: Building excellence at MSU Forty very Cool Cats

The many faces of yogurt

Rebecca Branson of Bozeman likes making her own yogurt. “It’s much less expensive to make it yourself,” said Branson, a stay-at-home mom. “Plus, I know exactly what goes into it.” Not everyone has the time to measure, cook and monitor the temperature of their milk as it is turned into yogurt with the addition of …

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