Icicles on the roof of a montana forest service cabin - Kings Hill Cabin

Skiing like a king

Tucked in the trees, about 100 yards from U.S. Highway 89, sits the Kings Hill cabin. Unless, you’re looking for it, it’s easy to buzz right past. If you do, you’ll miss out on one of the best Forest Service cabins around. The Kings Hill cabin is nestled into lodgepoles on the Lewis and Clark …

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Canine Connection

I clipped the tether into my dog’s harness and then onto my own waist belt, pointed my skis down the snow-packed road and yelled, with gusto, “Mush!” A Malamute, this dog was bred for pulling freight through the snow. I’m freight, we’re in the snow, what’s the problem? Why is he looking back at me …

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Winter Wonderland

Many people would agree that Yellowstone is at its best in the winter. With a blanket of fluffy white snow draped over lodgepoles, ice appearing and disappearing in the creeks and otherworldly geysers shooting steam and water straight into the cold, blue sky—it’s a place totally different than the summer Yellowstone of tourists and bear …

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