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Recreation Gear Review: Kids Stuff

Now that the snow has melted in town and is receding in the mountains, it’s time to jump into summer activities like camping and biking. Children add an interesting dimension to playing outside, but having good gear helps. My family—me, my husband, 2.5 year-old Anders and 10 month-old Finn—tested recreational gear that I thought would …

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Teaching Kids to Care

Most parents have enough on their plate just getting their kids through each day. By the time you’ve changed diapers, cooked meals, driven to school and activities, washed clothes, cleaned the house, helped with homework, worked your own job and walked the dog, there is hardly any time left in the day to consider something …

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Fall Frolics

As red, orange and golden hues decorate the hillsides around the Gallatin Valley and the morning air begins to snap, Montanans’ thoughts turn toward fall frolics. Sweaters and scarves are dug out of storage and free time is more precious to school-bound children than it was in the summer; it’s the perfect season to spend …

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Should You Homeschool Your Kids?

In the 1980s Karilee Valeriano read A Way Home by Mary Pride and it planted the idea of homeschooling in her head. Years later, after she had married and moved just north of Livingston, she met a group of people who were homeschooling their children. So impressed by the homeschooled kids, Valeriano decided to teach …

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Recreation Gear Review

Just because we have kids doesn’t mean we want to sit at home reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear a hundred times until we have all the animals and their colors memorized. Sure we do that, but there has to be something else, too. Thanks to all the fancy gear on the market today it is …

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Teaching Kids to Cross-Country Ski

We are fortunate to live in an area ripe with opportunities for outdoor winter adventures, and no sport gets you further outdoors in the snow than cross-country skiing. While Nordic skiing is more work and less thrill than downhill skiing, there are ways to make cross-country skiing fun while teaching your kids the fundamentals. Kids …

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Make Your Own Baby Food

The first four to six months with baby are pretty simple food-wise. You’re either nursing or formula feeding, or maybe both. Whatever the choice, baby basically gets one food source that doesn’t take a rocket scientist to prepare. Then comes the day, for me it was at six months, when it is time to add …

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Gen X Parents

In 1991 the film Slacker brought the unemployed, or underemployed, lifestyle of many twenty-somethings to the silver screen. Generation X—those born between 1965 and 1979—were made out to be the antithesis of their boomer parents—lazy, non-joining, ambition-free, static, unenthusiastic, and manifesting an apparent lack of effort. In 1994 another movie, Reality Bites, captured the myth …

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Let’s Make Music, Baby!

I wonder how important it is to get infants and young children involved in activities. My friends and I didn’t participate in anything until we started school—no music lessons, no sports—and we turned out OK. But studies suggest that there is a very narrow window of time in which children can become fluent in music …

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