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Should Your Teen Get a Job

My first job was working at a tanning salon. It’s embarrassing now, but when I was 15 years old I was thrilled to be making my own cash, gaining independence from my mom, and hanging out with my best friend as we checked tanners in and out, cleaned the tanning beds and sold sunscreen. After …

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Kelty Pathfinder baby backpack

Gear Review: kid stuff

Patches of snow linger beneath the Douglas-firs and whortleberry as I hike up the soft path towards the high Absarokan saddle. The early summer sun is already gaining heat, but is nowhere near as hot as it will be in a few weeks. Strapped to my chest is my four-month-old baby, Anders. From the time …

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Swim, Baby, Swim!

Should your baby swim? In a word, yes. But, when, where and how are all questions with more than one answer. Learning to swim at a young age gives a child the confidence to be around water and the ability to be safe. Plus, it’s fun. Most babies and love splashing around in the water, …

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On a dark winter morning I’m sitting in the living room chair waiting for the sun to come up—or the earth to turn towards the fiery orb. Too tired to do anything, but kept awake by the incessant kicking in my belly. Not even born this kid is demanding, waiting to get into the light, …

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