The Red Shed

Smack in the middle of the best steelhead fishing in the world, at least according to one man, sits an old 15 X 20 hayloft converted into a flyfishing shop. If you open the door of the red, wood-sided building you’ll likely find a man who looks a whole lot like Jerry Garcia leaning on …

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Bear Watch (Notebook)

Every time I drive over the pass, returning home to Livingston from Bozeman, I peer out my truck window in hopes of catching a glimpse of a grizzly bear. At one time grizzlies roamed free on Bozeman Pass—and probably an occasional bear still makes her way through—but the bears I’m looking for live in a …

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Yellowstone at a Crossroads

“Follow in our footsteps as closely as you can,” a graduate student said. “And step on the green grass as much as possible,” added Brent Peyton, Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering at Montana State University. “There’s less likely to be a hot cavern underneath.” Falling in line behind the five men, I carefully placed …

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Rodeo Roundup (Notebook)

Rodeo is the iconic sport of the West. Buckin’ broncos, cowboys roping calves, horses weaving in and out of barrels—they all spring to mind when one thinks about the Old West. Rodeo is uniquely American, and specifically, western Americana. Rooted in our country’s past, but thoroughly modern, rodeo links western traditions with contemporary sport. Rodeo …

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Leading the Way

Guiding is big business in Gallatin and Park counties. Whether it’s rowing a driftboat as anglers cast imitation flies into the Yellowstone River or leading hikers on treks across distant mountain ranges on other continents, local entrepreneurs like to get paid to be outside doing what they love. More and more, guides and travel company …

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