Henry’s sister Susannah, her husband Will and their boys came for a Montana visit last month (which was only a week ago, so I am not super late with this…). They stayed at Mogie and Big Henry’s place in Ennis, but we were lucky enough to spend several days with them.

The day after they arrived in the Last Best Place, Anders, Finn and I went over to Ennis to play with Harrison (6), Colton (3.5) and the rest of the crew.

Anders and Colton loved playing together. They are just 5 months apart in age and seemed to like many of the same things–playing in the sandbox, making art, climbing on Big H. Harrison was such a sweet big “brother” to Finn–showing him around and reading books.

I had a great time chatting with Susannah and Will (and Mogie and Big H) and playing with my nephews.

Harrison and Finn read and make silly faces.

Mogie listens in on the reading.

Anders and Colton coloring on the deck.

Susannah and I played paparazzi.

Everyone needs a hat.

Finn makes himself at home.

Well, almost everyone is facing the camera.

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