North America

From swimming with beluga whales and photographing polar bears in Canada’s Great White North, to swinging through the jungle in Mexico, we love exploring our home continent as much as one’s across the pond. Join us on road trips, hikes, rafting adventures, and cultural experiences in North America.

An evening at Pine Creek Cafe

There’s very few finer ways to spend a summer evening than listening to music at the Pine Creek Cafe in Pine Creek, Mont. You cannot hold Anders back when he wants to dance. The Hooligans Dancing with my little dude. He loves to spin. Anders joins in the fun. So sleepy… Next time you are …

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Belgrade splash park

When it gets hot (you know, above 80 degrees F) we need to cool off. The splash park in Belgrade, Mont. was just the ticket last week. (Park details below.) Figuring the place out. Finn takes over the cannon. Watch out! You don’t have to be big when you have a big water gun. Anders …

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Bozeman Beach

We finally got around to taking a beach vacation. It was just a day trip, but still a vacation. And it wasn’t really a beach, since a beach is attached to an ocean or at least a sea. This sand is attached to a lake. The boys and I spent the Fourth of July playing …

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{hiking} Suce Creek

Before I had kids, I hiked up Suce Creek about once a week. It’s just 20 minutes from our house, I seldom see anyone there, a nice hill at the end gets my heart rate up and the carcasses are usually close enough to the trail that I can find Rigby and drag him out. …

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Missoula: part two

Day Two started with another ride on the carousel for Anders, Finn and I. Then across the parking lot to check out the Children’s Museum. I was so impressed with this museum and the kids loved it. If I hadn’t dragged them out (it was our first warm weather of the year, I couldn’t stay …

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Pine Creek Falls

A couple weekends ago we kicked off the summer season with a hike to Pine Creek Falls. It’s one of our standards because it is close, short and has a magnificent turn around spot. It doesn’t hurt that the Pine Creek Cafe sits near the turnoff for the trailhead. On this day, we enjoyed breakfast …

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