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North America

From swimming with beluga whales and photographing polar bears in Canada’s Great White North, to swinging through the jungle in Mexico, we love exploring our home continent as much as one’s across the pond. Join us on road trips, hikes, rafting adventures, and cultural experiences in North America.

Suce Creek Monday

We took advantage of the Memorial Day holiday to hike up Suce Creek. I’ve blogged about Suce Creek before here, here and here. It’s 15 minutes from our house and so pretty. Nothing really spectacular, but a lovely creek, spring flowers and lots of green. glacier lily Viola spring beauty (that’s its name, not my …

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Pine Creek Sunday

With Henry gone for the day and me wanting to hike, I had to think creatively. I can only carry both boys for a very short distance, so I decided to head to Pine Creek. We didn’t really hike, but got to play in the creek a bunch. Nice to be outside, regardless of what …

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Lava Creek Trail in Yellowstone

Last Saturday we drove to Yellowstone to hike Bunsen Peak (named after the man who invented the Bunsen burner used in every high school science class–or at least it used to be). Heading into the park we noticed Bunsen Peak looked very white. Too much snow to hike. No problem, we decided to hike to …

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Big Timber and Natural Bridge

Henry is back from 3 days in lovely Idaho Falls where he was filming flytyers at a flytying convention. The boys, Anders in particular, was excited to have dad home. We took Sunday to do a mini-roadtrip. We started out at our local coffee shop for breakfast then hit the highway going east. The first …

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9th Street bridge update

You’ve probably been sitting around for the last year wondering what happened to the 9th Street bridge. As you may recall, the bridge started to collapse last year when the Yellowstone River was at flood stage. I updated once when the Bailey bridge was put up. No one could figure out what to do and …

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Trumpeter swans on the lagoon

A pair of trumpeter swans are hanging out at the lagoon in Sacajawea Park. I don’t know how long they’ll stay, but they are pretty to watch. Watching the show, feeling plain. Synchronized grooming

PETA is funny

Here’s a funny news bit. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is asking Whitefish High School in northwestern Montana to change its name to “Sea Kitten High School”. From Montana CBS: What’s wrong with the name Whitefish High School? According to P.E.T.A., the use of the word “Whitefish” does not promote empathy for …

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