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John Steinbeck said, “I am in love with Montana. For other states, I have admiration, respect, recognition, even some affection, but with Montana it is love, and it’s difficult to analyze love when you’re in it.”


We couldn’t agree more. Montana is home and travel for us. We love nesting in our chosen town at the Original Gateway to Yellowstone National Park. And we love traversing the state–climbing mountains, floating rivers, wandering through small towns and large ones (by Montana standards), and getting to know the people that, combined with an astounding landscape, make this state great.


Montana is bigger than many of the countries we visit, so there is a lot to see here.

4th of July parade

On July 2nd we went to the 4th of July parade. We like to stay ahead of the rest of the country here in Livingston. “We” included Big H, Henry, Anders, Finn and yours truly. In addition there were 4,000- 4,500 other spectators, 160 entries and two hours of hometown fun. The sun shone, rain …

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7.1.09 Afternoon Slack Rodeo. 10,000 spectators flock to Livingston each year to watch cowboys and cowgirls compete for the 10th highest purse in the country over the Independence Day holiday. Like most rodeos, you have to qualify to enter. Since this is a high paying rodeo, not just anyone qualifies. But, a few slots are …

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Stillwater camping trip

Last weekend I took Anders and Finn camping. Without a second adult. I know, brave of me. Other than a few minor episodes, it went really well. We drove about 2 hours from Livingston to the Stillwater River in the Beartooths. We were at the base of the Beartooths, but it sounds more hard core …

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Wade Lake camping trip

We went camping last weekend. We took lots of photos. We always take a lot of photos, but we went overboard (even for us). Photos take a long time to resize, adjust and upload. No time for words. Check out Henry’s blog for description. I will say this, there were A LOT of mosquitoes, but …

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Snowy June hike

This morning I asked Anders if he wanted to go for a hike in the rain. I knew the answer, but I’m always looking for buy-in for my great ideas. There was no way he’d turn down an opportunity to wear his rain boots; nor an opportunity to picnic. I packed crackers and cheese, raisins, …

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Suce Creek Monday

We took advantage of the Memorial Day holiday to hike up Suce Creek. I’ve blogged about Suce Creek before here, here and here. It’s 15 minutes from our house and so pretty. Nothing really spectacular, but a lovely creek, spring flowers and lots of green. glacier lily Viola spring beauty (that’s its name, not my …

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Pine Creek Sunday

With Henry gone for the day and me wanting to hike, I had to think creatively. I can only carry both boys for a very short distance, so I decided to head to Pine Creek. We didn’t really hike, but got to play in the creek a bunch. Nice to be outside, regardless of what …

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