John Steinbeck said, “I am in love with Montana. For other states, I have admiration, respect, recognition, even some affection, but with Montana it is love, and it’s difficult to analyze love when you’re in it.”


We couldn’t agree more. Montana is home and travel for us. We love nesting in our chosen town at the Original Gateway to Yellowstone National Park. And we love traversing the state–climbing mountains, floating rivers, wandering through small towns and large ones (by Montana standards), and getting to know the people that, combined with an astounding landscape, make this state great.


Montana is bigger than many of the countries we visit, so there is a lot to see here.

The Pearl Cafe is a perfect blend of sophisticated French cuisine and elegant atmosphere

Walking into the Pearl Cafe in Missoula feels like walking into a restaurant in the French countryside. There’s soft music, soft lighting, and gentle colors. There are no televisions or phones-nothing to distract from the experience. The waiters are friendly, not formal, offering a people-pleasing style of service. In other words, it’s inviting. “I’m hoping …

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Kids hiking on the Storm Castle Trail in SW Montana

{Hike} Storm Castle Trail

After a lot of gray days and a bit of rain, we were blessed with a gorgeous, sunshiney day. The Harrison clan took advantage of it with a hike up the Storm Castle Trail. The Storm Castle Trail starts in the Gallatin Canyon and climbs 2.5 miles and 1,715 feet to Storm Castle Rock. The …

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Elkhorn Hot Springs

I keep complaining about there not being any snow and then posting photos of us playing in the snow. Are you confused? To clarify, there is some snow in Montana, it’s just not around us. So, we must travel. Last weekend, we joined our friends, Brooke, Peter and Matine, for our second annual winter ski …

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An evening at Pine Creek Cafe

There’s very few finer ways to spend a summer evening than listening to music at the Pine Creek Cafe in Pine Creek, Mont. You cannot hold Anders back when he wants to dance. The Hooligans Dancing with my little dude. He loves to spin. Anders joins in the fun. So sleepy… Next time you are …

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