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Cherry Creek

The new video clips are up. A few Saturdays ago Anders, Finn and I went for a little hike in the Cherry Creek wetlands on the East Gallatin River in Bozeman. We walked about 100 yards to the first pond and Anders was captivated. Ducks! That boy likes him some ducks. We spent about 20 …

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My Mama and Obama

Saturday my mom, Henry, Anders, Finn and I went to a Rock the Vote event for the Democratic Party. It was mostly an Obama event, but one of our fine senators, John Tester spoke, as did the dude running for Attorney General (Steve Bullock) and Margot Kidder (you remember her as Lois Lane from the …

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Yellowstone River Trail

Sunday we went for a hike along the Yellowstone River Trail. The route follows the Yellowstone River from Gardiner (and the confluence of the Yellowstone and Gardner Rivers)18.5 miles into the park. Through-hikers start at the other end since you lose more elevation that way, but we were only going a short distance, so it …

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Time to Plant Winter Canola

Looking for something to do the first week in September? Why not plant winter canola? That’s right, this oilseed has many uses and might be a great crop for Montana growers. OK, not something that most of you care about, but it is the first story I’ve had on the web as MSU’s Ag Writer. …

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Sweet Pea Children’s Run

After finishing my work at the Bozeman Classic on Saturday, I met up with Henry and Anders and we walked down to the Sweet Pea Children’s Run. This is a 1K fun run that takes place on Main Street. About 1,100 kids–plus their parents–took part in the race this year. Anders ran a little more …

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Bozeman Classic

I’ve been pulling out my hair all week trying to get ready for the Bozeman Classic–5 and 10K races that take place during Sweet Pea Weekend (although the race is put on by the Big Sky Wind Drinkers and isn’t associated with Sweet Pea anymore). My job is to recruit and coordinate about 60 volunteer …

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Livingston Farmers’ Market

Every Wednesday evening from 4:30 to 7:30 all summer long, the Livingston Farmers’ Market holds court at the bandshell. Fresh veggies, free range eggs, the peach guy from Washington, organic pork and hand squeezed lemonade all vie for the buyer’s attention. We head down most weeks to buy vegetables, see friends and let Anders go …

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45th Parallel Moves

As Henry, Anders and I drove from Gardiner to Mammoth a couple weeks ago on our trip to Driggs and Jackson, I noticed that the sign for the 45th parallel had moved. The 45th parallel is an imaginary line that circles the globe at the point halfway between the equator and the North Pole. This …

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