When we sold our house and stuff to travel for a year, we went to Europe. It’s the place we know best after the United States. Then we went back and spent another three months exploring the UK and continental Europe. We’ve even made plans for another two months in winter 2019-20. Suffice to say, we love Europe and it’s so easy to travel there.

Since we spend a month at a time in each location, we get the chance to know our destinations pretty well. We’d love to help you plan your trip.

Best Italian Cocktails 

We have spent a lot of time in Italy and one of the things we like to do is try the best Italian cocktails.

Aerial view of Sorrento Italy

Best Things To Do in Sorrento, Italy

Planning a trip to Sorrento, Italy and wondering what to do? Sightseeing, hiking, boating, touring archaeological wonders, I’ve planned it all out for you.

Alta Via 2 : Dolomites Hut to Hut Hiking

Alta Via 2 : Dolomites Hut to Hut Hiking

My family spent seven days in the Dolomites hut to hut hiking the Alta Via 2 in Italy. I want you to be able to do the same thing and have included all the details you need to plan your own trekking in the Dolomites.

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