When we sold our house and stuff to travel for a year, we went to Europe. It’s the place we know best after the United States. Then we went back and spent another three months exploring the UK and continental Europe. We’ve even made plans for another two months in winter 2019-20. Suffice to say, we love Europe and it’s so easy to travel there.

Since we spend a month at a time in each location, we get the chance to know our destinations pretty well. We’d love to help you plan your trip.

visiting Cinque Terre with kids hiking in cinque terre

Visiting Cinque Terre with Kids

While the Cinque Terre would be a lovely romantic getaway or solo adventure, visiting Cinque Terre with kids is also a perfect family holiday. This area is part of the Italian Riviera made up of five towns. At one point the Cinque Terre villages were isolated from the rest of Italy except via the sea …

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Books Set in Italy feature

{Book Club} Books Set in Italy

Books Set in Italy Last month I started my online book club and asked for your recommendations for books set in Italy. I want to get your input on your favorite reads set in places we are visiting. I am mostly looking for fiction or creative nonfiction. While I love travelogues, I don’t need guidebooks. I want to …

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Worldschooling il Duomo's Dome

Worldschooling il Duomo’s Dome

We recently learned a little about Brunelleschi’s dome in Florence, Italy by watching videos, visiting the dome, and checking out a 1/5 model of il Duomo’s Dome.

Visiting the Safari Park

I’ve been visiting the Safari Park since 1980, back when it was called the “Wild Animal Park.” My grandparents moved to Escondido then and took us a couple times. Once I had kids of my own, I was anxious to show them the “wild zoo” I loved as a kid. We toured the park for …

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Artist Palette in Death Valley

Almost home in Death Valley

We’re almost home in Death Valley. About an hour before dawn each morning, the coyotes go nuts. Yipping, howling, and singing the sun awake. An owl joins in with its “hoo hooo!,” helping drag the day into existence. I step out of our camper leaving my two boys asleep and enjoy the coolness of a …

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