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Tour of Churchill {2013}

Follow me! I want to show you some of the sights of Churchill. In summer, belugas swim up the Churchill River. There are 51 Spirit Way Wolf statues across Manitoba (three in Churchill) that are part of a province-wide GPS Wolf Hunt which is a travel adventure for geocachers. Each one weighs 5500 lbs and …

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Big Bear

I spent some time cuddling with sled dog puppies today and on the way back to Churchill we scared this humongous bear off the road.

Churchill polar bears {2013}

Once again, I am hanging out on the western Hudson Bay with Polar Bears International and a bunch of our favorite marine mammals. You may know that I am the social media manager for PBI, and as part of my job I get to spend a little time up here during bear season. I usually …

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Here’s how you know it’s fall in our little slice of Montana heaven. The ever-lovely Yellowstone River a few blocks from our house. Leaves in the park. Snowberries in a cold hand. Oregon grape along the trail. Measuring wingspan at Raptor Fest. The other side of the Yellowstone River. Finn at soccer. Anders at soccer. …

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How to get to Livingston Peal Trailhead and how to climb Livingston Peak

Livingston Peak Trail

On the second of two kid-free hikes this year, Henry and I walked to the top of Livingston Peak. It was the Autumn Equinox and snow on the trail reminded us that fall was here despite the warmish weather. We can see the peak from our kitchen window (in the winter and spring, in summer …

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{Peru} Colcapampa to La Playa

You’re never alone in the Andes. Subsistence farms with their tiered gardens and noisy chickens hang tightly to the mountains. Couples much older than I pass you with heavy loads on their backs. A guy on a burro is led by a man holding an old radio to his ear. But still, we’ve been out …

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Hiking and backpacking getaway

Looking down at the Yellowstone River from Hellroaring Trail. It’s become a tradition for Heather and I to take a summer trip to Yellowstone. Last year it was backpacking in the Bechler region, the year before we rented a cabin at Roosevelt. This year we did a little of both–cabin renting and backpacking. There are …

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{Peru} Yanama to Colcapampa

While we were hiking up Ramshorn this weekend Felicia reminded me that I’ve been slacking on my Peru posts. Not any more. Back on the trail. We started the day walking up the Yanama Valley. A mountain cara cara (hawk) flew overhead and lupines covered the sides of the valley. Short rock walls divided the …

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