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Jewel Cave

To complete our tour of the Black Hills, we decided we needed to see what it looked like underground. Jewel Cave National Monument is the second longest cave in the world, behind Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. There are 150 miles of cave winding around under about 3 square miles of above-ground space. According to our …

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17 reasons kids love Devils Tower

Devils Tower National Monument was stop number two, and our first overnight. We couldn’t have picked a better place. Devils Tower is great for kids and families because… (in no particular order, except the order I took the photos) 1. The Tower is cool. It’s a big igneous intrusion in the beautiful Black Hills. You …

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Little Bighorn Battlefield

We are somewhere in the mountains of Colorado right now, but a night at a hotel in Fort Collins allowed me a little time on the Internet…. Our first stop on our summer roadtrip was at Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument. I’ve been there a couple times, but Henry never had, so we wanted to …

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Tomorrow we leave for a whirlwind trip through Wyoming, South Dakota and Colorado. Actually, only the first part is whirlwind– Little Bighorn Battlefield, Devils Tower, Jewel Cave, Mt. Rushmore, Ft Collins, Henry’s cousin…. then we spend six days in Rocky Mountain National Park. If you are curious, you can check out our route. It’s a …

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An evening at Pine Creek Cafe

There’s very few finer ways to spend a summer evening than listening to music at the Pine Creek Cafe in Pine Creek, Mont. You cannot hold Anders back when he wants to dance. The Hooligans Dancing with my little dude. He loves to spin. Anders joins in the fun. So sleepy… Next time you are …

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What’s SUP?

It’s been a while since I’ve wanted to learn a new sport. I’m just not that sporty. I’m pretty happy hiking and cross-country skiing. I like riding my cruiser bike around town. But recently I’ve been wanting to jump onto a new fad: stand up paddleboarding (SUP). Finn and I were at the Bozeman Beach …

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Belgrade splash park

When it gets hot (you know, above 80 degrees F) we need to cool off. The splash park in Belgrade, Mont. was just the ticket last week. (Park details below.) Figuring the place out. Finn takes over the cannon. Watch out! You don’t have to be big when you have a big water gun. Anders …

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