Diesel home from surgery

A few weeks ago, Diesel was out fetching a ball with Henry. (Actually, Henry was throwing the ball, but that’s beside the point.) While sprinting madly back and forth he must have tweaked his knee, because he had a pretty severe limp by the time he got home.

We waited a bit, then took him to the vet. It looked like he tore a ligament in his knee. We decided to wait a bit longer to see if it got better. It did not. So, last Monday he went back to the vet for knee surgery.

In humans it’s called a torn ACL–anterior cruciate ligament. Those of us in ski towns are familiar with this surgery since people tend to rip their ACLs frequently while skiing. Or running, or being active. I have many friends who’ve had the surgery.

In dogs, well, let me get an expert to explain it to you.


Here is poor, sad Diesel. We are glad he is home.

Diesel with his shaved leg.

Diesel feeling sad.

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