I’m sitting at the table trying to finish an article on planning and designing a garden. Here’s what I am dealing with:

Henry is trying to talk me into getting a malt to appease his guilt. I give in and agree to eat some Ben and Jerry’s.

Then he slurps said malt in my ear.


Sllllluuuuurrrrrrrppppppppppp…the blessing and curse of living behind Mark’s In-N-Out.

He is correcting my grammar as I type.

There are strange noises coming from Anders’ room (an hour after he has been put to bed). On the first visit I discover him sitting silently holding the plastic guard that keeps him from biting the crib. There is another one on the floor.

A few minutes later I hear the blinds rattling. He must have heard me coming the second time and hit the deck. As I walked in the room (with the camera) he stands up and pretends he has been sleeping all along.

Standing in bed

“What, me? I’ve been sleeping this whole time. I’m just getting up now.”

“No, that’s not a smirk, I’m just glad to see you.”
Lay down

“I’ll just lay down now and I’m sure I’ll doze right off…”

Now I’m blogging instead of writing for money. I guess I only have myself to blame for that one.

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