Dog Food Skyrockets

It’s hot. Not Africa hot. Not southern US hot. Not even Livingston in August hot. But, it is still hot.

The City pool is still closed–and probably will be all summer–and the river is way too high for swimming, so Anders and I headed to the Best Western to use their pool. When we got there we were told “there was a minor accident and the pool will be closed for at least 3 days to disinfect it.”

Minor accident? Three days? I’ve worked around pools before and even when some kid poops or pukes in a pool you can shock it with chlorine and have it up and running in a matter of hours. (Not that I’m anxious to jump into a poopy or over-chlorinated pool…). What could have happened?

So, we went to buy dog food instead. They have air conditioning there, so it’s just like swimming. When the clerk rang up my purchase I was surprised–no shocked–to find out that the price of a 40 lb bag had gone from $32.99 to $49.99. Needless to say, after this bag, the boys are switching to a more economical food. Rigby has had almost 7 years of good eating and Diesel almost 5, so I think that’s all they can really ask for. $50 dog food? They go through 2 bags a month.

Dog food

Plus, Rigby eats such nasty stuff anyway (and by that I mean carcass–did I mention the absolutely disgusting tapeworm I pulled out of him last week? I almost threw up.) his body probably won’t register the lower quality food. And Diesel finds his own gross items to eat, so he’s no better or worse off than Rigs.


So, I guess Anders and I will play with the water table this afternoon. He’ll be plenty happy, but I’ll miss being weightlessly submerged in cool liquid.

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