Donna wins!

For those of you who were voting for Donna in the VW car contest here is an excerpt from an email from my cousin, Kristin:

Well the votes are in and…..SHE WON!

This morning Donna and Madison (the other main competitor) were both invited to the dealership for the announcement. They read both women’s nomination stories and then read Donna’s article from the Daily Herald. They each brought in approx. 10,000 votes with only approx. 260 votes separating them at the end! With such a small gap every vote counted! In fact, because it was so close the dealership gave the runner-up a 1 year lease on a VW bug.

I heard that Donna is absolutely speechless and can’t believe she won. She gets to take the car home today and is beyond excited!

Thanks to you who voted! I don’t know Donna, but I do know Kristin (obviously) and if it is important to her, it’s important.

One thought on “Donna wins!

  1. Susannah Harvey

    YAY! All that voting on different computers with various email addresses had to have an impact! I’m so glad she won!!!!!!

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