Drink up

You should read this blog: Minor Catastrophes. It is written by a friend (who I wish I had more time and opportunity to get to know better) over in Bozeman. She is honest, open and usually hilarious. I do enjoy hilarity.

Her latest blog post involves paying her son to drink a bowl of tomato guts. And he hates tomatoes.

It reminded me of a little game I used to play with my brother. When we lived in Thousand Oaks–I must have been in 4th grade or younger–we would have an occasional babysitter. One, in particular, thought it was as amusing as I did to get my brother to drink gross stuff.

I would grab a glass and fill it with the most ungodly concoction I could muster. Mayonnaise, ketchup, milk, mustard, orange juice, peanut butter, and whatever else I could find. Then Scott would drink it. Maybe that’s why there were so many things he didn’t like to eat as a kid.

I don’t remember if we bribed him with something, or if as the little brother he just wanted to do what we asked. Either way, it was funny.

Next time I see him I might have to try that game again.

Uncle Scott with his nephews. Do you see the resemblance in Finn? Poor kid 😉

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