Cross country skiing at Elkhorn Hot Springs in Montana

Elkhorn Hot Springs

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Henry is cranking out these hot springs videos! And they are awesome. If you started singing “Everything is Awesome,” then you and I are connected at a cellular level.

We spent a few days at Elkhorn over New Years. There was skiing, sledding, soaking, eating, and laying around. I wrote about it for this cool new website called The Last Best Plates. If you know that Montana is “The Last Best Place,” you’ll get how clever that site name is.

Between the video and the story, there isn’t much more for me to say. So, here are some pictures.

Moon over the Pioneers on my solo ski.

Sun setting behind Maverick Ski Area.

Finn lost his second front tooth. Cutest smile ever.

Our cabin: “Beaverhead”

Anders at Shelly and Andy’s cabin–this is the cabin we had last time we stayed there.

Ski crew.

The trail back to our cabin.

Icicle view from our window.

Henry gets a few minutes to read.

Ruby’s doll keeps an eye on things. Be afraid.

Me and Shelly.

The pool from one of the ski trails.

Winter swimmers.

Dinner at the lodge.

Dorel goes snowshoeing.

Ruby loves her mom.

Wunsch Bunch sled races.

Ruby and Lucy chilling out.

Gray and Finn scream down the road.

I love this photo of Anders and Kiris so much!

If you love Montana and want to read stories inspired by Big Sky Country, check out this anthology:
The Last Best Place: A Montana Anthology

Elkhorn Past

From our 2012 visit: little kids, four dogs, and a pregnant woman (not me!).

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