Evel Knievel’s Goodbye

I don’t know how much press this has gotten in other parts of the country, but the passing of Evel Knievel is a big deal around here. National Public Radio ran a couple stories on his death, so it is getting at least some national attention.

The town of Butte–Evel’s hometown–hosted a fireworks ceremony last night and his funeral today.

I wonder what it is about jumping over things on a motorcycle that intrigues so many people. I would venture to guess that more Americans know who Evel Knievel is than could name some of our early presidents. His daredevil stunts are pretty crazy and he was a pioneer of the now-popular “extreme sprots”.

Here is 6.5 minute tribute video that highlights some of his most famous stunts.

Want to know more about Evel Knievel?
Evel Knievel: An American Hero by Ace Collins
Evel Incarnate: The Life and Legend of Evel Knievel by Steve Mandich

Or watch his craziness on DVD….
Absolute Evel: The Evel Knievel Story
Evel Knievel’s Spectacular Jumps

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