Extreme cold, they say

According to the Livingston Enterprise, this is the first time in 24 years that 12-below temperatures were recorded before Thanksgiving. Temps dropped from 56 degrees last Wed. (the 17th) to 12-below Sunday and Tuesday nights.

Between last Saturday and last Monday there were 600 accidents on Montana roads. There were 60 accidents in Park County between Friday and Tuesday, according to the Montana Highway Patrol. This storm wasn’t only cold, it dumped a bunch of snow–18 inches in Livingston.

Now high winds are expected (that sounds like a more typical Livingston winter) and that means blowing snow. There will probably be impassable drifts all over the place. We typically get a huge drift in our driveway; maybe we can use it as a sledding hill.

They were without electricity in Cooke City and Silver Gate for days due to snow blowing a tree over onto electrical wires.

Yeah winter!!

The beer we are drinking this weekend.

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