Fall banner

It’s still fall, right? Technically? Because we made this fall banner and it took a little longer than I planned.

We started out by collecting rose hips and berries on our Pine Creek hike.

Then I found some material at our local thrift store. We put the berries on the material, folded it in half and started pounding on it with a hammer. Apparently it is some sort of traditional Japanese art. I read about it on a blog, which unfortunately I can no longer find.

Finn gets after it with a hammer. Those berries are smashed.

Anders is a little more delicate, but those berries still didn’t stand a chance.

Here’s what happens to the cutting board when I get hold of the hammer.

 Then I got to play with my sewing machine.

Next I sewed the prints on to some other material from the thrift store. And suddenly we had a banner. We’ll be keeping it up until December. Want to see it one more time?

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