I am now ready to welcome fall. It is one of my top three favorite seasons and I look forward to it all year. Cool mornings, warm days, outstanding colors…. Our summer was so short and cool that it was hard to accept that it was over. Then for two weeks or so in September it was warmer than it was all summer. Hmmm….

This week we had an official goodbye to summer ritual in our backyard. My mom, H, the boys and I all gathered around a fire. We speared marshmallows with willow branches and sacrificed them to the fire. The Autumn gods (and our tummies) looked on us kindly.

Now we are in full fledged fall mode. Last weekend I took the boys to the park in Big Timber and we played in the leaves.

Then we drove up the Boulder Valley to Natural Bridge. It was so hot (86 degrees) and for a couple hours I thought it might not really be fall.

Happy fall!

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