Father’s Day Weekend Part II

On Saturday we met Big H and Mogie for breakfast at the Bunk House in Livingston. Even though it was their 40th anniversary (HAPPY ANNIVERSARY) Big H brought presents for everyone. Mogie got a beautiful Yogo sapphire and diamond anniversary band and I got a mug with a photo of the Tetons (I had been going on and on about the view). Henry and Anders got breakfast. Well, we all got breakfast.

From there we headed back up to Brandon and Tucky’s place for a short visit. Anders and I hung out in the car because I couldn’t bear to wake him up after a night of not enough sleep and Henry chatted with his cousins.

Next stop the Grand Teton Brewing Company in Victor, Idaho–about 6 miles from Driggs. I’m writing a story about microbreweries for Big Sky Journal and figured I’d take a tour from one of the brewers since we were down that way. As it is their 20th anniversary this year it seemed like a good fit.

Henry and Anders accompanied us for most of the tour (check H’s blog for what they did the rest of the time). All three of us enjoyed their root beer and Henry and I got to sip a couple beers.

Sign for Grand Teton Brewing Company

A hopeful sign.
Todd the brewer

Todd the brewer stands behind some of the cellar reserve beers made to celebrate the 20th anniversary. Turns out that he and I were in Missoula at the same time and know some of the same people.
Fermenting tanks

The fermenting tanks where yeast is added to sweet wort and turned into beer. Todd said, “Brewers make sweet wort, yeast makes beer”. Thank you, yeast.
Organic beer

Yummy organic beer.
Anders and Henry at the brewery

Baby’s first brewery tour.

From the brewery we headed over Teton Pass to Jackson to take advantage of their super fun recreation center. Part of the time I lived in Jackson I worked at the Rec Center and knew Anders would love the little kids’ pool.

Anders and Henry in the pool

Swimming, swimming in the swimming pool, when days are hot and days are cold in the swimming pool… Does anyone else have this song running through their head almost everyday?
Henry and Anders in the pool

H enjoyed the pool and much as Anders.
Anders walks in the pool

Anders could stand up in most of the pool, which he loved. They have a bubbler, waterfall, 2 waterslides and a mushroom that spouts water. Not to mention balls and noodles. What more can a kid want?
Toweling off

Toweling off.

Next on the agenda (this was a fairly busy day) was checking into the Antler Inn and meeting up with my friend, Heather. While Anders napped, Heather and I walked around town a bit and picked up some Nepalese food for dinner.

But, wait! There’s more. Come back tomorrow for day 3 of Father’s Day Weekend.

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