Father’s Day Weekend Part III

The saga continues. On Sunday of Father’s Day weekend we packed up all our junk and gave Henry his Father’s Day gifts. There were several from me, but the best ones were the hand colored card and handprint washcloth from Anders.

Father's Day Gifts

Henry with his hand printed wash cloth and hand drawn card. And Anders.

After breakfast at Shades we headed through Grand Teton National Park and into Yellowstone. The Tetons were blanketed in snow; if you only saw the mountains you would have thought it was the middle of winter, not the middle of June.

We stopped for a picnic lunch at Grant Village.

Picnic at Grant Village

Anders tries to stuff a banana in H’s soda to make it less toxic.

Anders fell asleep after lunch so we drove as far as we could and pulled over at the first pull off when he woke up. I pity the fool who does not get Anders out of the car when he wakes up. He is often a delightful boy, but when he wakes up from a car nap–watch out. Norris Geyser Basin was our first available stop, and so while it is always crowded mid-day in the summer, we stopped anyway.

Bison Jam

The locals sometimes take up the road and cause traffic to stop.
Anders and Henry at Norris

Anders tries to remove Henry’s sunnies while Norris Geyser Basin gurgles and splashes in the background.
Elk breaks through

Just seconds after a young elk broke through the crust.
The elk is ok

The elk seemed to be ok.
snowy hills

Even in mid-June the low hills behind Norris were covered with snow.
Anders at Norris

Anders walks the boardwalk at Norris.
Anders still at Norris
Mom's nose

Anders points out where my nose is. He can also point to mouths, eyes, ears, hands and belly buttons.
Blue pools
Cool runoff
Hot and cold runoff
Anders picks up rocks

During a break, Anders picks up rocks and dirt…
Anders drops rocks

…then deposits them in their rightful place.

I congratulate him on a job well done.
geyser gazing

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