Field Trip Friday: Sacajawea Peak

At 9665 feet, Sacagawea Peak is the highest peak in the Bridger Range.

Last week, Anders, Finn and I hiked it. By all standards, it’s an easy trek, just 2.2 miles each way, through pine forest, alpine tundra and scree fields to the top. But, it’s all uphill.

Anders hiked all the way to the top and Finn hiked about half of it. A big win for both (and me, since I get to carry Finn).

It was crazy windy, but otherwise the weather was perfect.

Our first rest break.

Lunch break in the meadow.

Looking up at the saddle.

Back down the meadow and out at the Shields Valley.

Another break.


Approaching the saddle.

Snack break on the saddle.

Checking out the peak.

Looking over the saddle toward Bozeman.

Finn gives up.

Almost there.

On the top!

tough guy

silly guy

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