Finishing up

I decided that before I began any sewing/craft-like projects this year, I would finish uncompleted projects from 2011. Since I have several enticing projects in my queue, I figured I better get going.

Just a few weeks past Christmas, I sewed the last stitch on Finn’s stocking. Let’s consider this one 11.5 months early. I am on it!

This little doozy had 164 pieces that had to be appliqued on by hand. Plus the sequins, beads and decorative embroidery. I’m not sad about storing this away until December.

And a little something for Anders… I made this sweater last fall. I was getting tired of knitting it, so I left off the hood. Anders did not like that, so I whipped up a hood. Then I blocked it on a soccer ball.

Now it’s time to start thinking about the shirt skirt, burlap buckets, the little infinity dress and book bags for the truck. I can’t wait to get started.

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