Finn’s first tooth and Finn eats

As you can guess from this title, Finn got his first tooth last week. We were a little surprised since Anders got his first tooth at 9 months, so 5.5 months seems young.

I don’t know if it’s tied to the tooth or his cold or what, but Finn has been unhappy lately. Cry, cry, cry. If I weren’t such a patient person and excellent mother, I might find it a little grating.

In my infinite wisdom, I chose this time of unhappiness to introduce Finn to solid food. For an extra challenge I chose to do it at dinner time when he is at his crabbiest.

Here is his reaction:

Anders, previously known as the most unhappy baby ever, has turned into the sweetest kid around. Not that he doesn’t have his moments, but generally he is a real pleasure to be with.

He refuses, however, to use silverware. He insists on having his spoon at every meal, but will only use it for soup or cereal.

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