Finn sits

Finn has started sitting up (and spitting up, for that matter). His balance isn’t great, yet, but he can sit for up to a minute or two if he really wants to. Then he falls over.

(Sorry the photos are a little fuzzy. Fast kid + low light + mom trying to catch kid = blurry photos)

The blocks keep his attention and make him want to sit for a longer amount of time.

All good things must come to an end and Finn topples over.

Finn has joined the ranks of noted sitters such as Rigby and Diesel (although Finn won’t do it on demand yet. Not even for a treat).

One thought on “Finn sits

  1. Mel Post author

    Carl came by yesterday as Finn and I were outside practicing our not-fussing and he mentioned he thought Finn looked a lot like my dad, Big Hammy.
    P.s Good Sitting Finn.

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