First ski of the season: Bear Creek

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Emulating some friends of ours who always stop at Chico for a swim before heading out for a hike, ski, or bike ride, we spent an hour or so this morning soaking in our local hot springs. The idea was to tire Anders out for the ride down to Gardiner and keep him sleepy while we skied.

He fell asleep moments before we got to the trailhead and that was it for the day. Oh well, he went to bed quickly tonight and we hope he sleeps in to at least 6 tomorrow. He still hasn’t quite gotten the idea of the time change.

So, after a nice soak we drove down to the Bear Creek area near Jardine (above Gardiner, MT). The snow was ok; definitely pretty good for the first ski of the season. We stayed on the road and skied for a couple hours.

Diesel didn’t get to go since he tore his ACL last week. Poor doggy. Rigby did something to his shoulder and had to limp out. We are considering opening a hospice for dogs.

H pulled Anders in the Chariot and I got to ski with little Finn. Anders loved standing on my skis as I shuffled around and went down a little hill. All in all, a pretty god day.

H could be posting these same pictures as we speak, so sorry for any repeats.

Anders clasps his water bottle in preparation for the big ski.

Rigby, pre shoulder injury

H pulling Anders up the hill.

Anders enjoying the ride.

The only part of Finn exposed to the elements. Actually, it was in the 40s, so it was hardly cold.

Anders holds a snowball and gazes at mom.

Anders admires my sweet skis. Next year he gets his own pair.

Rigby tries to dig something up. Anders observes.

Finn and I on the home stretch.

And a video H shot with his point and shoot.


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